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Today’s analysis will be on Boost Your Bust Guide. The analysis will incorporate all of the info that I have managed to find during my research. Although I haven’t yet had the chance to use the merchandise, I have done a lot of in-depth research into it, which means that I’ve saved you a lot of time. Also included in my evaluation is a score of the product and an explanation as to how and why I have scored it the way I have. For more data on how I research and collect all the product data, please visit my About page. Please be aware that, should you decide to go ahead with your purchase having read my analysis, I might be paid a percentage. More facts about this process, site funding and my unbiased position as a reviewer can be found here

Product Details

Boost Your Bust Guide product box Product Name Boost Your Bust Guide
Standard Price $37
Our Rating 83.46/100
Category Health & Fitness Women’s Health
Special Offers Yes
Bonus Available Yes
To begin with, my assessment will give you a quick outline of the product. This short summation will include some of the key details, which I’ve deemed it essential that you know at first glance, such as how much it’s going to cost you, where you can go to make your purchase and, of course, the rating that I’ve given it. For instance, I’ll delve into where you can buy the product and I’ll also tell you the price, amongst a range of other things, including some sales figures. Using this info provides me with an advanced understanding about the product and so will give you great insight into how good or bad the product is. Then I’ll have a look at any other products this product owner may be selling, including any special offers they currently have on. So why think twice. So, let’s get going.

The Sales Rank

So, how do I work out this rank? Quite simply, I base it on a statistic, which is used by the payment processor to provide people with the sales data for specific products. They produce a stat called Gravity. It can range from 0 up to and beyond 1000. Currently the gravity score for Boost Your Bust Guide is 17.3654. That might not mean very much to you, so I have compared it to all the other products and given it a score out of 100. You may find my weighted scale clearer and much more useful simply because I compare the product to the other ones found on this web site and rank them out of 100. So, Boost Your Bust Guide scores 100.00/100, which is a top, top score and means that this is a terrific seller – a sure sign that you’ll want to look at this one in more detail.

The Overall Vendor Refund/Chargeback Rate

This rating once again is calculated by the payment processor but works a little bit differently than you might expect. It doesn’t specifically relate to Boost Your Bust Guide but does in fact relate to all of the products that is selling. It takes the form of a ranking between 1-5 where 5 is very few refunds and 1 is a fair quantity of refunds. Any products that are new to market or have only a small amount of data available will be given a ranking of 3. (For addiitional information, click here). scores 5 which is the best rating possible and means this vendor has very minimal refund rates.

The Domain – anything interesting?

How do we find out more on Well, the simplest thing to do is to take a detailed look at the web page. You can in most cases get a decent idea of how trustworthy something is by the state of the website. For example if you find that a web site has been proven for an extended period of time, then you should be able to trust it more. Here, we can see that this specific web-site has , which is a quite a small number and so has most likely not been around that long. The next step is to look at backlinks, which are links back to the web page in question and should come from other related and trustworthy websites. If you look at these other sites and judge them to be reputable then you can probably safely assume that this web page is also. As an example, has links, resulting in an ‘authority’ rank of 0.00/100, which is a pretty small score, however, should not be ignored because it means a few other sites are still linking across. We know the registration info of the domain – that it was registered in the name of Eden HPG Inc.. If you require any more info concerning this domain’s registration please go here. For your benefit, we are also able to tell you about some of the vendor’s other products.

Other products – what else is the vendor selling?

This vendor is at the moment selling 1 other product and I absolutely recommend checking out these other products. Not only might you find another product that you’re interested in but it will also give you a good idea about what kind of merchant the merchant is. See below for the full list of products:
Name Price Buy Now
How To Lose 10 Pounds In 10 Days $17.00 Buy Now

Current Special Offers

At the moment there are 5 special offers or upgrades available from this vendor. If any of these hold any interest for you, you can kick start the buying process by clicking on the links below:
Name Price Buy Now
Boost Your Bust Guide $10 Discount product box Boost Your Bust Guide $10 Discount – $32.40 Buy Now
Boost Your Bust Guide $20 Discount product box Boost Your Bust Guide $20 Discount – $32.40 Buy Now
Boost Your Bust Ebook $10 Discount product box Boost Your Bust Ebook $10 Discount – $37.00 Buy Now
Boost Your Bust Guide $10 Discount product box Boost Your Bust Guide $10 Discount $27.00 Buy Now
Boost Your Bust Guide $20 Discount product box Boost Your Bust Guide $20 Discount $27.00 Buy Now

Where to Buy

The vendor sells the product (or products) directly from their web page – it’s not available for sale in the shops, or from other web-sites. Even so, if you have been looking on their website for some time and still cannot find the product which caught your interest anywhere, it might be simpler for you to purchase directly. After you’ve clicked on the appropriate link it will take you through to the product or special offer’s payment page on the payment processor’s web site, where you can then complete your purchase.

The Overall Authority Score

So, this considers the sales rank, the refund rate, and the domain authority to generate a rough trustworthiness estimation. This is an estimate by a computer algorithm formula so it’s not going to be 100% correct. Nevertheless, it should without a doubt help you in your final decision whether or not to buy the product. The score is 83.46/100 which is a superb score.

Bonus Offer

As I said at the start of the product report, if you end up buying the product after clicking through to the merchant’s site via one of our links, then we will receive a commission. To show appreciation for this, I am pleased to offer you an extra. If you are intrigued about what this bonus consists of, please see here.
The Boost Your Bust Guide Homepage

The Boost Your Bust Guide Homepage

Product: Boost Your Bust Guide
Reviewed By: Shaun Hoobler
Reviewed on: 2016-03-28
Overall score: 83.46
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